Feature end

Our feature end modules are practical for displaying your small products and your featured products in narrow places or simply close to your checkout counters. Attach them to our E-series or S-series islands, often located in the middle of your store, or place them at the entrance to store small products.

Technical specifications


  • E-serie
  • S-series


  • Height: 48” - 120” (E series) / 48” - 96” (S series) / (in 6” increments)
  • Shelf Width: 24” - 48” (in 6” increments)
  • Base Shelf: 6” - 30” deep (E series) / 10”- 30” deep (S series) (in 2” increments)


  • Metal (plain or perforated)
  • Massonite (plain or perforated)
  • Slatwall


Our product can be found at several retailers. It is often installed in grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores and all other retail stores. Feature ends are easy to move around your store when you want to redo your commercial layout.

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