S series Storage shelving unit

Simple and cost-effective

Thanks to its multi-part post, the S Series is as sturdy as our E Series, with unbeatable rigidity. The backs are made of masonite, making it an affordable and cost-effective solution. Our shelves are fully modular so you can configure your space however you wish. Simply choose the colour, configuration and accessories you want!

Technical specifications

Post height

  • 48” - 96” (in increments of 6”)

Base shelf

  • 10” - 30” (in increments of 2”)

Shelf width

  • 24” - 48” (in increments of 6”)

Base shelf height

  • 5 3/4” H. From floor to the top of the low base shelf
  • 7 1/4” H. From floor to the top of the high base shelf


Exploded view

S series Storage shelving unitcomponents


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