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Pharmacies and drug stores

Specialty store fixtures for pharmacies

Pharmacies and drug stores are among our first customers at Etalex, our partnership with them has enabled us to develop unique and comprehensive expertise in the layout of pharmacies.

From laboratories and workspaces, to shelves, fixtures and displays, including DEL shelves, cash counters and custom-made counters, magazine displays, commercial furniture and cabinetry in the cosmetics department, our teams know how to meet all the needs of pharmacists.

Our strength for commercial layout is to advise you on simple, practical and inviting merchandising. Let our sales team offer you a wide range of products such as our E series, S series, our millwork solutions to make your business attractive and a pleasure to shop in.


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The right prescription for you store layout

Whether it’s large chains such as Shopper’s Drug Mart, McKesson, Guardian, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, IDA and Costco, or neighbourhood pharmacies, we understand the needs and challenges facing pharmacy owners and work in collaboration with them to provide unique and custom solutions tailored to their specific space.

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