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Warehouses and distribution centers require racking solutions specifically designed and engineered for these spacious and high-density buildings. Whether they are called industrial racking, pallet racks, metal racking, storage racking, or simply racking, we have the right solution for the particular needs of these spaces.

Safety is king in warehouses and distribution centers, which is why our teams of engineers and designers are experts in creating optimal and secure industrial warehousing solutions. They are up to date with the latest regulations, but above all they know how to develop solutions that are safe for your employees and effective at the same time, ensuring an optimal level of performance.

Industrial racking in Canada is Etalex’s business!

Know-how, safety and durability

Like our customers Dollarama, IKEA, Canadian Tire, Structube, Ardene, Canac, WIPTEC, McKesson, let our teams guide you through our product line to find the optimal solution for your needs.

From the conventional and push-back pallet racking, to the cantilever, drive-in pallet racking, through the structural pallet racking and the industrial mezzanine, we know how to find the solution adapted to your industrial storage project.


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