Custom-made displays and counters

Thanks to our cabinetmaking department, Etalex designs, manufactures and delivers all types of wood and laminate products. Manufacturer of commercial counters, cash counters and store counters, but also displays, shelves and wall units, the Etalex commercial cabinetmaking team guides you in the design of high-quality furniture for your business. A noble material, wood will give warmth and prestige to your decor and commercial space. The glass counter, LED lights, metallic accents are all elements that can add a unique touch and make your layout stand out. Let our craftsmen create a custom counter for you that will showcase your products.

We also offer a full range of counters for retail businesses such as pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores, pet stores, convenience stores .

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Available materials


  • Noble, rich, welcoming


  • Sparkling, clean, clear


  • Modern, attractive, refined

LED lights

  • Futuristic, luminous, bright


A wide choice of materials

High-pressure laminates are a perfect solution for high-traffic areas. They can be combined however you want and come in a range of eye-catching faux finishes. Part of the same family, melamines are an attractive and cost-effective solution to enhance your decor.

Other products can freshen up your space: consider cork, MDF or composite panels. Ceramic and metal are also interesting alternatives, adding sturdiness and style to your displays. And why not include a showcase to display delicate or valuable items?



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