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Pet shops

Specialty store fixtures for pet shops

We are familiar with the reality of animal products and accessories stores; their wide variety of product types and formats, the importance of accessibility to products, as well as the cleanliness of the premises. Let our teams guide you in creating the perfect layout for your pet store: from fixtures, gondolas, metal shelves, custom displays and counters, to unique accessories. The variety and versatility of our product lines will meet the various needs of all types of pet stores and animal product and service stores.

Let us show you why renowned clients such as Global Pet Foods, Mondou, Chico et Pitou, Minou et Compagnons trust us with their store layout projects.


Tried and tested solutions

Combining shelves, shelving, counters and displays, the layout of this space demonstrates the versatility of our products, in a special environment that must combine efficiency, cleanliness and safety.

Add products such as our WS light storage or our E series to your backstore for products surplus storage.


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