Drive-In racking

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Maximize your spaces

Our static accumulation or drive-In pallet rack offers an optimal storage space for heavy loads at a lower cost. This industrial storage solution maximizes storage density and load capacity by reducing the numbers of aisles. A warehouse racking system designed to allow forklifts to enter each bay, thus allowing storage of several pallets in depth and in height.

Whether for a warehouse, distribution center or pallet racking project, our team is here to advise and guide you in building the perfect project for your business.

We also offer a complete line industrial racking products from cantilever, Push-back racking and industrial mezzanine.

Product specifications


  • No actual limit to height and depth.


  • Ideal for very large volumes of identical pallets.


  • Custom built according to pallet weight and dimensions and forklift dimensions.


  • High storage density


  • Easily adaptable to different pallet sizes.


  • Available with added protection to minimize damages from forklift impacts.


Reach out to our team to start your project

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