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Commercial fixtures

What’s the difference between the E and S Series?

The E Series is made entirely of metal, which makes it a sturdy series designed for many years of use. The S Series is our simple and cost-effective choice. The backs are made of masonite, making it an affordable and cost-effective solution.

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Do you keep products in stock?

Some products are kept in stock. Please contact a representative for more information.

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What are your manufacturing and delivery lead times?

Once commissioned, it all depends on the project’s scope. Giving an exact time frame is difficult because each project is different. However, Etalex offers the best manufacturing and delivery lead times in the industry and we always make sure to deliver on time.

Visit our “Services” page to find out more about the stages of a project.

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Do you offer delivery and installation services?

At Etalex, good delivery and installation services are crucial. Our transportation teams deliver across North America. An installation team may be available depending on your project’s scope. Please contact us for more information.

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What paint colours do you offer?

We have a large selection of paint colours. From matte black to bright pink, you have a plethora of choices! Visit our “Resources” page to see some of our standard colours or contact us for more information.

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Do you have installation videos?


Installation videos for our standard products are available on our website.

Visit our “Resources” page to watch them.

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Industrial systems

What are the pallet rack load capacities?

We can design systems for virtually any load capacity. Load capacities vary depending on several factors such as component dimensions, steel gauges and types, bracing, configuration, floor capacity and the seismic zone where systems are installed. Capacities are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the installation as a whole rather than individual parts.

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Do you have pallet racks in stock?

No, considering the vast range of dimension, load capacity, configuration and colour options, each project is different as it is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

What are the delivery lead times?

Delivery lead times range from 2 to 20 weeks depending on the parts required, the project’s complexity and scope and our volume of work.

Are all commercially available products of equivalent quality?

Quality varies from one manufacturer to another based on several factors such as steel gauges and types, design and manufacturing. At “Etalex” we only use top quality steel and the design of every part and system is approved by our engineering team. Our plants are also CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified, which ensures quality manufacturing.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor?

We are a manufacturer, and make more than 90% of our products ourselves at one of our three plants in the Montréal area (over 500,000 sq. ft). This gives us full control over each project from design to delivery.

What are the standard dimensions?

There aren’t really any standard dimensions. Some dimensions are more popular, but each project is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific needs.

Do you sell used pallet racks?

No, we don’t sell used pallet racks. Since each system is designed for specific needs and load capacities in accordance with the regulations in effect at the time of their original installation, it is highly unlikely that the system will meet the specific needs of another project while complying with current regulations.

Can you carry out projects across Canada?

Yes, with a sales team in Québec and Ontario and a network of authorized distributors and installers in several provinces, we can carry out projects across Canada.

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Are there rules and standards for racking system design and installation?

Yes, there are many rules and standards that must be met when installing all racking systems over 8’ tall. There are, of course, load capacity calculation rules under the National Building Code, but there are also rules related to the health and safety of workers, which can vary from one province to another, and rules related to fire protection and occupant safety which can also vary based on the insurer and the municipality where the systems are installed.

Can you assist and advise us on our warehouse setup?

Absolutely, with an experienced sales team and network of distributors, we can assist and advise you on the setup and system types that best meet your needs. In most cases, we can meet you on site to better understand your operations and better advise you. Note that this service is usually free.

Do racking systems have to be installed by unionized workers?

In most cases, systems don’t need to be installed by unionized workers, but in Québec, certain systems with floors or ramps may require unionized workers. In other provinces, this might depend on the type of site.

Can pallet racks be attached to the building structure to increase their strength and stability?

Apart from concrete floor anchoring, attaching pallet racks to the building structure is prohibited. Building structures are designed to withstand only wind and snow loads and earthquakes. They are not designed to withstand extra pallet rack loads unless this was planned and approved by a structural engineer in the building’s original design.

Are the pallet rack parts corrosion resistant?

Although we offer a very high quality baked powder paint, painted pallet racks cannot be considered corrosion resistant as certain closed and/or hidden parts receive little to no paint. Only galvanized parts that are hot dipped after manufacturing are corrosion resistant. This option is available but it increases the cost significantly.

Are turnkey projects an option?

In fact, most of our projects are turnkey. As manufacturers with our own engineers, designers and drafters, we manage all project steps from design to installation.

Wire mesh

What wire quality do you use in manufacturing?

We use only top-quality wire to manufacture all of our products.

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Why are your channels inverted?

Inverted channels have been a standard of ours for several years now. This ensures we meet all industry requirements, especially health standards for companies that require it.

Do you use liquid or powder paint for the finish?

All our products are electrostatic powder coated and baked.

How do I know how many channels I need?

Since we manufacture both standard and custom products, simply tell us what you need through our website, making sure to mention the intended use and maximum weight. We will determine how many channels you will need accordingly.

Do you make different mesh sizes?

Yes, we have several standard products that are compatible with most industry products, but we also specialize in custom products.

Do your safety bars fit different racking system types?

Our safety bars fit all racking systems and are also pre-galvanized, making them useful for any setting: dry environments, fridges, freezers or outdoors in any weather.

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Careers and human ressources

What are the company’s values?

The company promotes four core values: teamwork, respect and inclusion, integrity and customer orientation.

How would you describe the company’s culture and work environment?

The company fosters a pleasant work environment, where all members have an important role within the organization.

Is training paid?

The company offers required trainings free of charge. Employees can also take external courses to expand their work-related expertise.

Do employees work overtime at the plant?

Overtime is an option at Etalex plants, but it varies depending on the department and production needs.

Do you offer group insurance?

Employees with three months of continuous service at the company are offered group insurance: health, dental, vision, long-term disability insurance and more. A free telemedicine program is also available to employees.

What schedules/shifts are available?

Etalex employees can work the day, evening or night shift. Work schedules and shifts depend on the department and site. Please see our job postings for our different shift availabilities.

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Will I be required to work on Christmas Day?

The company closes for the holidays and resumes operations in early January. You are given four vacation days on top of the two statutory holidays, for a total of six paid days over the holidays.

General questions

Where are you located?

We have three plants in different locations.

Our plants are located in:

  •  1 plant in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
  • 2 plant in Anjou

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How long have you been in business?

Etalex has over 55 years of experience.

For more information, visit our “About us” page.

Do you support important causes?

Supporting important causes is crucial to us. We fully support the causes we believe in by actively participating in their activities.

To see the causes we support, visit our “About us” page.


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